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Opendime 3-pack

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The Opendime is a small USB stick with which you can use Bitcoin as cash by passing it to others for a gift or payment. 

 You're able to load Bitcoin onto the Opendime by sending it to the device's public address. This address is visible on the blockchain, so the balance can be checked by anyone. The private key of the Opendime, which is required to spend the Bitcoins on the sticks, only becomes visible if the seal of the Opendime is broken.

This product could also be described as a disposable wallet. Give the Bitcoins as a gift or pay someone in a confidential, physical way in Bitcoins.

Unique features:

  • Works as a read-only USB drive. Works on any computer, laptop or phone. The files on the drive contain a QR code and text file with the Bitcoin address.
  • Ultra safe: the private key is generated on the device itself and is never disclosed.
  • To access the Private Key, the seal must be broken, so it is easy to check that the recipient is the only one with access to the Bitcoin.
  • No miner fees or confirmation delay, give the Opendime as many times as you like.