shopping shopping feed Ledger Nano S The Ledger Nano S is a versatile and secure hardware wallet for your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Cryptocurrencies. It contains robust security features to enable safe storage and protect digital transactions. The Ledger Nano S is usable on both Windows, Mac, or tablet, and connected via USB. 62.99 EUR nieuw in stock shoppingczech_1361790042230 3760027781234 30169 Ledger NL Over land 0 EUR Digital Bitbox Digital Bitbox is a minimalist hardware wallet and two-factor authenticator with a focus on security and privacy, suitable for the most paranoid Bitcoin and Ethereum users. Save and spend your cryptographic currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with peace of mind. The Digital Bitbox combines the security of 'cold storage' with the ease of use of a software wallet. Support for: Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH, ETC and all ERC20 tokens via MyEtherWallet) Features of the Digital Bitbox: Easy offline backup and recovery using a micro SD card Native software client, avoiding the security risks of browser-based clients. Plausible deniability - A secondary password can access a hidden wallet, and wrong passwords create new wallets. Preventing theft by duress. TOR and Tails OS compatible Your Private Key is on a highly secure chip, protected against physical attacks Easy to carry and very robust Subtle design avoids unwanted attention Multisig out-of-the-box Smart verification and mobile 2FA app (optional) Fully open source Made in Switzerland 43.99 EUR nieuw out of stock shoppingczech_1361790206070 0753646294431 29919 Shift Devices NL Over land 0 EUR TREZOR Recognised as one of the most secure storage devices for your Bitcoin or Altcoin, the Trezor is a highly secure hardware wallet. It’s easy to use, and quick to set up. It’s features include: Ease of use PIN code access All transactions require physical confirmation. Easy recovery 2 Factor Authorisation Transaction confirmation via in-built display. Supported Coins: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash (Via TREZOR Beta) Ethereum Ethereum Classic ZCash Litecoin Dash ✓ Cryptomaan is an official TREZOR retailer 79.99 EUR nieuw in stock shoppingczech_1361789976694 710882350604 29920 TREZOR NL Over land 0 EUR KeepKey The KeepKey hardware wallet focuses on two things: maximum security and ease of use - in a very stylish package. Your private key is held securely on the KeepKey and never leaves the device. The large display allows you to easily check transactions so you can ensure they always go to the right address. The KeepKey is has ShapeShift built in, allowing you to easily exchange cryptographic currencies. The in-built wallet software provides a clear overview of all your coins at a glance.The KeepKey is virus and malware proof and works on PC, Mac and Linux. There is also support for Android, Electrum and Mycelium.Supported Coins: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash (beta) Ethereum Litecoin Dogecoin Dash Namecoin 49.99 EUR nieuw in stock shoppingczech_1361790337142 868874000003 30743 KeepKey NL Over land 0 EUR TREZOR T Jouw Bitcoins, Ether en Altcoins veilig opslaan is nog nooit zo makkelijk geweest. De TREZOR T komt met een gemakkelijk te bedienen touchscreen en is helemaal klaar voor de toekomst met de USB-C aansluiting en microSD kaart ingang. De veiligheid van het apparaat is verbeterd omdat het invullen van de PIN nu op het scherm kan met behulp van het touchscreen. 167.99 EUR nieuw in stock shoppingczech_1361789517942 066164684209 TREZOR NL Over land 0 EUR Opendime 3-pack The Opendime is a small USB stick with which you can use Bitcoin as cash by passing it to others for a gift or payment.   You're able to load Bitcoin onto the Opendime by sending it to the device's public address. This address is visible on the blockchain, so the balance can be checked by anyone. The private key of the Opendime, which is required to spend the Bitcoins on the sticks, only becomes visible if the seal of the Opendime is broken. This product could also be described as a disposable wallet. Give the Bitcoins as a gift or pay someone in a confidential, physical way in Bitcoins. Unique features: Works as a read-only USB drive. Works on any computer, laptop or phone. The files on the drive contain a QR code and text file with the Bitcoin address. Ultra safe: the private key is generated on the device itself and is never disclosed. To access the Private Key, the seal must be broken, so it is easy to check that the recipient is the only one with access to the Bitcoin. No miner fees or confirmation delay, give the Opendime as many times as you like. 37.50 EUR nieuw in stock shoppingczech_1361789485174 37190 Coinkite NL Over land 0 EUR Ledger Nano X Preorder: expected to be availabe: end of May. The new Ledger hardware wallet is tailored specifically to use in combination with a mobile phone. Protect your cryptocurrency anywhere you go. The Ledger Nano X can connect through Bluetooth with Ledger Live for Android and iOS. It also works with Windows and macOS. Furthermore, the Nano X has storage space for up to 100 individual apps. 119.00 EUR nieuw in stock shoppingczech_2505074049142 3760027781500 Ledger NL Over land 0 EUR