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Would you like to use your Ledger or Trezor on the road on your phone? That is possible with this OTG cable! OTG stands for On-The-Go.

With this cable you connect your TREZOR, KeepKey or Ledger Nano S hardware wallet to an Android phone or tablet. The cable has a USB-input and a Micro USB-output, and is 20 centimetres short. The length of the cable makes it just as easy to take with you as your hardware wallet.

Download Ledger Live or the TREZOR Manager from the app store. This way you can buy, sell and manage bitcoin and your other cryptocurrency on the go! 

Works with:

  • All Android tablets and phones with a Micro USB connection. Check here which connection your device has or send a message to our customer service if you need help.

Does your phone have a USB C connection? Take a look at our USB-C OTG cable!

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My Ledger Nano X was delivered one day after ordering. The support I got from Cryptomaan in setting up the product was really good, quick and expert.


Quick delivery ordered in the evening, delivered the next day. Clear and well-organized website. I absolutely recommend ordering with Cryptomaan.


Easy and quick delivery Quick delivery but also an informative website with info about the purchased product.


I was speedily and professionally helped out and the delivery was quick. My ordered product came in in no time and the questions I was happy with the help I got through chat. Great help. This creates trust.


Quick, good and advantageous Excellent service and handling .. and excellent customer service ..

Ethan Marchel

Quick and clear ordering process -Well-organised website -Direct shipment -Good packaging, all in all a great experience/service!

D. Mom

They live up to their promises Points for improvement: Keep up the good work!

Henk S

Good product, quick handling and fast delivery. I heartily recommend them!

Annita Adriaens
2.632 Reviews