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Trezor Keep Metal

trezor keep metal
trezor keep metal
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Product Description

The first Seed Phrase Recovery product from Trezor. Backing up your crypto has finally been made effortlessly simple for everyone. No more fragile paper seed phrase recovery, but a stainless steel construction for optimal security. The same steel used in aviation, it's not only durable but also has a modern, sleek appearance. Additionally, it is resistant to fire, water, and physical damage. The chance of input errors is further minimized by the straightforward four-letter input system, a marker pen, and the box providing a firm grip during punching. This ensures that each letter lands in the perfect place time and time again.

Whether you're setting aside money for a dream home, your children, grandchildren, or your own retirement, do it with the Trezor Keep Metal. It offers indestructible protection for your cryptocurrencies.

Material and Model

AISI 304 stainless steel used for aerospace with a durable black surface treatment. Made from the highest quality materials to withstand adverse conditions and effectively protect your recovery words.

Waterproof with the rubber O-ring. Also resistant to acid, alkali, chemical corrosion, and extreme temperatures.


12 words vs. 24 words

Trezor One has a standard seed of 24 words. However, the Trezor T had 12 words as standard, as did the Trezor Safe 3. So, 12 words have become the new standard for Trezor. They argue for this because they believe a backup of 12 words is nearly as secure as 24. Most other hardware wallets have 24 words as standard. We sell the 24 because it can be used in both situations. There is no quality difference between 12 and 24 words.


All specifications of the Trezor Keep Metal are described below:

Product Details

  • Dimensions and weight: 110x30 mm / 344 g
  • Dimensions and weight of packaging: 153x100x35 mm / 600 g

Trezor Compatibility

  • Works with Trezor Safe 3, Model T, and Model One
  • Wallet Backup Compatibility
  • Designed for 24-word recovery seeds for all crypto hardware wallets.

Included as Standard

What's in the box?

  • 1x 12-word Trezor Keep Metal device: Secure your 12-word recovery phrase
  • Pre-marking pen: Prevent errors by marking letters first.
  • Punching tool: Make your recovery phrase permanent.
  • Security seals: Secure the integrity of your device.
  • Manual: Step-by-step instructions.


Stainless steel
Quantity of back-ups

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