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Product description

Use a Micro SD card to back up your BitBox02, Coldcard Mk3 or Passport hardware wallet. With the push of a button you have a copy of your wallet on your Micro SD card.

The BitBox02, Coldcard Mk3 and Passport comes standard with a Micro SD card, but an extra backup is always recommended. Tip: do not store all your Micro SD cards at the same location. 

More than 100 different wallets can be stored on one 4GB Micro SD card.

Works with: 

  • BitBox02 - Bitcoin only edition 
  • BitBox02 - Multi edition
  • Coldcard Mk3
  • Passport
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My Ledger Nano X was delivered one day after ordering. The support I got from Cryptomaan in setting up the product was really good, quick and expert.


Quick delivery ordered in the evening, delivered the next day. Clear and well-organized website. I absolutely recommend ordering with Cryptomaan.


Easy and quick delivery Quick delivery but also an informative website with info about the purchased product.


I was speedily and professionally helped out and the delivery was quick. My ordered product came in in no time and the questions I was happy with the help I got through chat. Great help. This creates trust.


Quick, good and advantageous Excellent service and handling .. and excellent customer service ..

Ethan Marchel

Quick and clear ordering process -Well-organised website -Direct shipment -Good packaging, all in all a great experience/service!

D. Mom

They live up to their promises Points for improvement: Keep up the good work!

Henk S

Good product, quick handling and fast delivery. I heartily recommend them!

Annita Adriaens
2.632 Reviews