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Protect Your Crypto Investments with SOLIDHODL

Secure your crypto investments and enjoy peace of mind with SOLIDHODL. By storing your 12, 18, or 24 words on a SOLIDHODL metal plate, you create a future-proof backup.

Taking control of your crypto yourself helps you avoid risks from third parties. The first step in this process is purchasing a hardware wallet. After setting up the wallet, you will be asked to store your recovery phrase. Most people jot down these 12-24 words on a piece of paper.

Unfortunately, for many, it often stops here, but please note: they often forget a crucial step. A secure backup is important for the future and mitigates potential risks. The paper where the backup is written is not durable in the long term.

That's why SOLIDHODL offers the solution to protect your crypto assets from unforeseen risks. The SOLIDHODL is:

  • Future-proof: The metal SOLIDHODL plate is made of stainless steel, making it resistant to high temperatures, water, and corrosion. The engraving is deep in the metal, ensuring everything remains legible, even without ink.
  • Simple and clear: With the included sleeve, you can capture your recovery phrase without distractions, as you can focus on one column at a time. The engraving pen is made of hardened steel, making the pierced holes clearly visible.
  • An affordable solution: The Single is already an affordable option, and if you want to create multiple backups, you can easily save money by purchasing a Double or Triple.

All the essentials are included

When you purchase a SOLIDHODL, you always receive everything you need to capture your recovery phrase, namely:

  • 1, 2, or 3 SOLIDHODL plates, depending on your choice.
  • An engraving pen with a hardened steel tip.
  • A sleeve to prevent errors.
  • A reference to the instructions.

How does it work?

A SOLIDHODL plate has engravings on both sides that are filled with black ink. The black ink makes the engraving very clear to read, but even without ink, everything remains visible because the engraving is 0.1 mm into the metal.

On the front and back, there is space for 12 words each. Each word has a numbered column. Inside each column are four smaller columns with puncture points. The letters A to Z are listed in rows on the sides. By puncturing holes in specific puncture points with the engraving pen, you can capture each word in a column.

It's important to realize that you only need to capture the first four letters of each word of your recovery phrase, as the first four letters of each possible word are unique. This is sufficient to recover a wallet.

The sleeve allows you to shield the column in which you are capturing a word from the rest. This way, you won't be distracted by other lines and can avoid errors.

After capturing your recovery phrase, you can optionally give the plate a name in the "NAME" section for administrative purposes. Then, store the plate, for example, in a safe.

In the box and on the packaging, there are references to the comprehensive manual. This manual provides detailed instructions on how to capture your recovery phrase in a SOLIDHODL plate using the engraving pen and sleeve.


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