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Opendime 3-pack kopen
Opendime 3-pack kopen
Opendime kopen
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The Opendime is a small USB stick which you can use to issue your Bitcoin as a bank note. You can send Bitcoins to the public address of the Opendime. This Opendime address is visible on the blockchain, so that anyone can check the balance. The private key of the Opendime, which is required to spend the Bitcoins on the stick, will only become visible once the Opendime's seal is broken.

You could see this product as a disposable wallet, which you can use the way you use cash. You can give the Bitcoins as a gift or pay someone in Bitcoins in a secure, physical way, and they won't have to worry that the giver can take off with the Bitcoins.

Unique properties:

  • Works like a read-only USB drive. Works on any computer, laptop or phone. The files on the drive contain a QR code and text file containing the Bitcoin address.
  • Ultra safe: the private key is generated on the device itself and has never been seen by anyone else before.
  • After breaking the seal, the private key appears, so that it's easy to check whether the receiver is the only person with access to the Bitcoins.
  • No miner fees or confirmation delay. You can pass the Opendime on as often as you want.

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